Arugula Pappardelle

Arugula Pappardelle Recipe

Pappardelle is a ribbon-like pasta cut in wide strips that is perfect for hearty sauces. Pappardelle with a mushroom sauce is often seen in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. In the Vero version, we infuse the pasta with arugula for color and a fresh, tangy taste. The sauce uses fresh, local mushrooms and crème fraiche for a rich sauce.


  • Fresh arugula pappardelle
  • Wild mushrooms
  • Butter
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Garlic cloves
  • Crème fraiche
  • Tarragon
  • Lemon


  • 6qt. pot
  • Large sauté pan
  • Chef’s knife
  • Large metal cooking spoon or large metal spatula
  • Pasta strainer or basket
  • Metal tongs or cooking spoon
  • Garlic press (optional if you prefer to use knife)



STEP 1: Fill 6 qt. pot 23 of the way with water. Heat water over high heat, bringing to a rolling boil. (Save a little pasta water after you are done cooking pasta, you may need it for the sauce.) Add Kosher salt to boiling water. Water should be salty like the sea. Slice mushrooms to desired size. Remove stem if inedible.

STEP 2: Mince garlic with chef’s knife or push through garlic press. Juice lemon. Set aside. Remove tarragon leaves from stem and rough chop. Set aside. “Fluff pasta” – loosen up noodles with fingers before cooking.

STEP 3: Heat butter and olive oil over medium-high heat until bubbling and fragrant. Add sliced wild mushrooms. Turn heat to medium. Sauté wild mushrooms, stirring frequently until caramelized, 3-4 minutes. Add minced garlic and stir until lightly browned. (Do not over-brown garlic, it will get bitter.)

STEP 4: Turn off heat and stir in crème fraiche. Add ½ to 1 tablespoon lemon juice to taste and ½ of the tarragon. Stir to make sure lemon juice and tarragon are incorporated.

STEP 5: Add pasta to boiling water and give it a quick stir to prevent the noodles from sticking. Cook pasta 2-3 minutes or until desired al dente. Strain pasta and add noodles to the sauce. Toss or stir until all noodles are coated with sauce. If pasta appears to be dry, or it needs more sauce, you may add a few tablespoons of pasta water.

STEP 6: Add salt and pepper to taste. Transfer to pasta dish and garnish with tarragon. Take a picture of your final dish and enjoy your pasta!