10 Advantages Of Buying Meal Kits

Company is coming and you want to impress. It’s a hectic night of soccer practice, gymnastics and homework; what’s for dinner hasn’t even registered in your mind yet. It’s a chill evening with great wine and even better friends. Whatever the scenario, Vero Pizza and Pasta meal kits are perfect for every occasion. Here’s the top 10 advantages of buying our meal kits (aside from the obvious fact that they are ah-mazing!):

  1. Meal kits will create shared memories with your family, grandkids and friends. Cooking meals together is universal and spans all generations. It’s a fantastic way to spend time with your family and friends. Quality time with the grandkids? Let them throw on an apron, help make the meal and listen to them proudly announce how they helped make dinner. Adorable + Touching.
  1. Buying meal kits online is convenient. You wouldn’t stroll the grocery store aisles in your bathrobe selecting dinner items. When ordering Vero meal kits, you can do exactly that. Peruse our website for authentic Italian meals, sides and dessert from the comfort of your home.

Ordering meal kits also saves you time; time spent scouring the web for lunch and dinner ideas, dusting off and flipping through your cookbooks to find inspiration.  You’ll also save time heading to the store and grocery shopping only to get home and discover you missed at least one important ingredient from your shopping list. Time is money and it’s better spent doing things you actually love—like hanging out with your family and friends.

  1. Prevents food waste. Meal kits arrive perfectly proportioned with everything you need and nothing more. You don’t have to buy that 5lb bag of potatoes when the recipe only calls for two, leaving the remaining potatoes to turn into a science project in the depths of your pantry. We only provide what’s needed for the recipe.

The average household throws out $640 of food each year, per the American Chemistry Council. Meal kits are a great way to avoid wasting and throwing out spoiled food and ultimately saves money.

  1. Perfect portion size. You won’t have to break out every measuring cup and spoon creating a mountain of dirty dishes. Everything is pre-measured so you’ll always know the exact portion size.
  1. Teaches you to cook. Never considered combining figs and prosciutto on a pizza? We thought of it for you! Using Vero meal kits can broaden your cooking horizons and foster experimentation in the kitchen. They easily teach you how to make beautiful and delicious Italian meals.

Inexperienced cooks can test out new recipes, explore spices and use ingredients they might’ve never dreamed of tossing into a meal to impress family and friends. It’s a great way to introduce kids to cooking, too!

  1. Food subscription kits are fun! In addition to learning and experimenting, it’s just plain fun and exciting to open that sharp-looking box and see what new recipe is inside. The entire process is as fun as eating the perfectly-crafted meal.
  1. You get some ingredients that are hard to find in the store. Ever try to find fresh fiori pasta? It’s just about impossible. Why? Katie's is one of the only restaurants in the U.S. to have the pasta dye necessary to make fiori. You won’t have to run store to store on a noodle treasure hunt--which also saves you time (see #2).
  1. It’s easy to create home cooked meals. In addition to being fun to make, Vero Pizza and Pasta meal kits are also extremely easy. Each box comes with a full-color recipe card that provides step-by-step instructions. Every recipe also has a coordinating video featuring award-winning chef Katie Collier thoroughly explaining how to make each meal. All of the items are provided, including the seasonings, which are already measured out for you. All you have to do is prepare it and enjoy!
  1. Quality farm fresh ingredients. Farm-to-table. That is one of Vero Pizza and Pasta’s mantras. We’ve partnered with local farmers to provide our clients the freshest, tastiest farm fresh vegetables. We are extremely selective in who we work with and only collaborate with those who care as much about quality as we do.
  1. It tastes great! Chef Katie Collier creates every meal kit with real, locally sourced ingredient; from the lightly crisp, yet slightly chewy pizza crust made from Neapolitan dough and made-from-scratch pasta to the peppery arugula and creamy mozzarella, it’s all included in the meal kit. She takes the time to visit the farms and base meal kits around seasonal produce. She wants everyone to experience authentic Italian cuisine in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by those they love most.

Inspired Chef Katie Creates Authentic Italian Meal Kits

Chef Katie Collier continually finds inspiration for her meal kits with each new season and from her time spent in Italy. It was there she fell in love with Italian cuisine. She learned to cook authentic Italian meals with local ingredients she’d purchased from the nearby markets.

She’s turned her love of cooking into a successful career appearing as a contestant in a cooking competition show on Esquire Network; winning her episode with her Italian-inspired Ciao Bella Burger. Katie was also honored as the 2017 Chef of the Year by Sauce Magazine, Feast Magazine and Ladue News.

Chef Katie truly cares about providing the highest quality ingredients to make delicious recipes with and for those closest to you. These meal kits aren’t only beneficial to your family, by ordering you’ll also be helping feed a child in need. Vero Pizza and Pasta donates one emergency meal to Operation Food Search with every order.  Plus, if you subscribe now you’ll receive 50 percent off your first order along with free shipping.