Best Meal Kits For Singles And Couples

Meal kit delivery services are supposed to make your life (and dinner) easier—not leave you wondering what to do with the massive remainder of your meal (one can only handle so many leftovers!). Whether you’re single and loving it or attached at the hip to your other half, Vero Meal Kits has the best meal kits to meet your foodie needs with appropriate proportions. Our food boxes offer quick, easy, proportionate and healthy meals no matter your relationship status.

Meal Kits for Two has Its Advantages

Why buy a food box for four if you’re only serving one or two people? Vero’s meal kits for two offer singles and couples the opportunity to try one of the country’s best meal kits available. The meal kits for two have several advantages because sometimes less really is more:

  • Less wasted food – Our pizzas and pastas reheat very well, but we understand that you can only eat the same leftovers so many days in a row. Smaller proportions mean less chance leftovers will be tossed in the trash.
  • Less expensive – Why pay for extra food you don’t need? Singles and couples can save money by selecting Vero’s meal kits for two.
  • More space in your fridge – Sometimes you have to get creative when attempting to store too many leftovers in an already-cramped fridge. With Vero’s meal kits for two, if there are any leftovers, they will be more compact and easy to store.

Food Box for The Solo Chefs

Vero Meal Kits provides the best meal kits for singletons that want the ease of a food box without the excess of servings. The pizzas and pastas reheat wonderfully, making Vero’s meal kits for two perfect for dinner one night and leftovers for lunch the next day.

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