Celebrate Carnevale With an Italian Food Box Kit

February brings the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and our personal favorite, Carnevale! The Italian holiday is filled with colorful costumes, larger-than-life parade floats, music, drinks and, another favorite of ours, food. When it comes to celebrations, the Italians do it right. They always have one common theme among all of their festivals: amazing feasts.

We realize it’s not exactly feasible to jet set to Italy to partake in these festivities. So, what’s a fun-loving foodie to do? We suggest partaking in Vero’s Italian food box kit as a delicious alternative. Italian Chef Katie Collier uses her award-winning skills to curate perfect pizzas and pastas with drool-worthy and creative ingredient combinations. She works her magic on every single meal kit.

Just because you can’t make it to Carnevale doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the legendary feast. Read on to find out just how the Carnevale came to be and how you can throw your own with friends and family.

Origins of Carnevale

This popular and ancient tradition, which is also referred to as Mardi Gras and Carnival, dates back centuries. Carnevale is celebrated all over Italy, but Venice, Cento and Viareggio are the most popular destinations and are known for their impressive parades. The celebration takes place 40 days prior to Easter, culminating on Shrove Tuesday, or what Americans refer to as Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Back in ancient times and still today, it was a chance for everyone to enjoy rich foods and drinks before fasting for Lent. While the celebration was originally just one day, the day before Lent, it now spans several days to even weeks.

Carnevale’s roots are based on ancient Rome’s mid-December celebration, Saturnalia. This winter solstice feast celebrated Saturn, the god of seed and sowing. As Christianity increased in popularity, the carnival was incorporated into the last day to indulge before fasting for Lent began.

In the 15th century, Pope Paul II introduced the masquerade ball, which included extravagant costumes and decorated masks. Vibrant costumes and exquisite masks are still a main feature in today’s Carnevale festivities.

Celebrate with Vero’s Italian Food Box Kits

Can’t whisk away to Italy to partake in the celebrations? Throw your own Carnevale party with your family and friends. Order a Vero food kit and bask in the Italian-inspired, fresh pizzas, pastas, sides and dessert. Don masks, throw on your flashiest and brightest outfit and let the kids throw their own parade--no passport required!

Our artisan Italian meals will transport you to Italy. Keep the Italian celebration going all year long with a Vero food subscription box. Imagine fresh-made pasta with tantalizing sauce, pizzas featuring rich, melted cheese with savory toppings and crisp, yet chewy Neapolitan dough every week. That’s definitely worth celebrating!

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