Feast All Day With Authentic Italian Holiday Meal Kits

Feast All Day Holiday Kits

Authentic Italian Holiday Meal Kits for an All Day Family Feast

The most wonderful time of the year just got an extra dose of wonderful! Vero Pizza and Pasta is offering Italian Holiday meal kits for a limited time. Look forward to amazing meals all day long with an Italian-inspired breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Nationally known Chef Katie Collier and her family are delivering an authentic Italian experience to your family’s doorstep. Italians forego the commercialized U.S.-version of the holidays, rather placing emphasis on the holiday experience: spending quality time with those they love most; family and friends. This holiday season, do as the Italians do, and make time to spend time with your loved ones. Vero Pizza and Pasta’s mission is to bring families together for a true Italian experience. Get everyone, from great-grandma to the tiniest tot, involved in the fun of creating these amazing Italian dishes together with Vero’s Holiday meal kits. Start creating meaningful, lasting memories this holiday season!

Holiday Food Box Kits Brings a Taste Of Italy

Vero founder and chef, Katie Collier, was moved by her travels and time spent in Italy. She fell in love with the way Italians made cooking meals an intimate, social event: friends and family gathered in the kitchen, each taking part in creating a meal together all the while talking and enjoying one another’s company. She made it her objective to share that authentic Italian experience with you. With that in mind, Chef Katie created the Vero Holiday food box kits so you too can experience the pleasure of cooking exquisite Italian dishes like she experienced in Italy.

Say, “ciao” to the over-served, standard Italian dishes. Enjoy Vero’s delicious and unique Italian meals that, otherwise, aren’t readily available at your local Italian eatery. Our Vero Feast All Day holiday meal kit features fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that are key to making tasty Italian dishes. Our Vero Holiday food box kits consist of:

  • Breakfast:

    • Scrumptious Fig French Toast. It’s a breakfast classic with an Italian twist. Ciabatta bread is used for a substantial base mixed with rich mascarpone and zesty lemon. It’s topped with salty pancetta and sweet fig syrup. This warm, sweet and savory french toast is the perfect way to start a chilly winter morning.

  • Lunch :

    • Mouthwatering Fennel Pollen Porchetta-style Chicken Sandwiches. The hard-to-find ingredient, fennel pollen, provides a sweet and more intense flavor than using fennel alone. The herb-infused chicken offers a lighter fare than the traditional porchetta.

    • Warm Black Salt rolls with Caper Mustard and Salsa Verde. The earthy flavor of the black salt on the warm rolls, fresh from the oven, are perfect for holding the herbed-roasted chicken. The fresh salsa verde and salty, tang of the caper mustard complement this sandwich perfectly.

    • Creamy Sweet Potato Fonduta Fries. These aren’t your average cheese fries. Warm, lightly crisped sweet potatoes are drizzled with wonderfully velvety cheese sauce made with fontina.

  • Dinner

    • Delectable Truffle and Porcini Risotto paired with Blood Orange and Endive Salad. Our satisfyingly rich risotto, made with sauteed shallots and prized carnaroli rice, tastes like luxury. Black winter truffles top this creamy rice dish. The blood orange and endive salad, a Sicilian favorite, marries sweet blood oranges, salty kalamata olives and crisp fennel all drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and oregano.

This drool-worthy Holiday food box kit serves six to eight people. You can order the Feast All Day food kit, which comes with everything listed above, or you can select separate meals to create your own customizable Italian feast. Whip up the taste of Italy with Vero’s Holiday food box kits for your friends and family!

Vero Pizza and Pasta Donates to Help Hungry Children

At Vero, we know firsthand the importance of family. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to assist other families and provide meals to children in need. Vero works with Operation Food Search to distribute meals to hungry kids. In fact, for every meal kit you purchase, Vero donates a meal. When you buy a Vero food box to feed your family, you’re also helping feed a family in need. Your simple online purchase creates a positive ripple effect providing food for less fortunate children.

Enjoy the Italian Holiday Traditions Along with Vero’s Holiday Meal Kits

Whether you’re actually Italian or just want to do as the Italian’s do, Vero’s Holiday meal kits will help you celebrate all the Italian family traditions. Italian holiday traditions are a combination of Christian and Pagan traditions from the Roman empire. The traditions are typically as follows:

  • Immaculate Conception. This falls on December 8th and is a Roman Catholic holiday. Christmas decorations, lighted trees and nativity scenes are put up. The holiday encourages bonding among family, friends and neighbors with a grand feast serving as the main event.

  • The Novena. The Novena begins celebration eight days before Christmas. It’s said to help keep the focus on the true meaning of Christmas. There is a festive mood with musicians and carolers performing in the streets.

  • Christmas Eve or La Viglia. The evening is celebrated with family and friends also centered around a big feast. The meal, however, features fish as the main dish so as to purify the body before Christmas.

  • Christmas Day. Christmas day is honored with, you guessed it, a large feast. The tables will be brimming with traditional Italian meat dishes and lots of panetone, torrone, panforte and struffoli sweets.

  • Epiphany / Festa Dell’Epifania. This holiday falls on January 6th. It is usually custom for families to exchange gifts. La Befana, an old woman from Italian folklore, delivers gifts, candy or coal (actually black sugar). She is dressed in black and rides on a broomstick, resembling a witch. Families leave her a glass of wine (a tradition we can get on board with!) and a treat. It’s the Italian version of our American tradition leaving out milk and cookies for Santa Claus.

Add Italian flair to your holiday traditions. Bring your family and friends together and enjoy a bonding experience over something everyone can agree on: amazing food. Purchase your Vero holiday meal kit to start creating merry memories this Christmas. Remember: for every kit purchased, a meal is sent to a child in need. Order your meals today!