Food Subscription Boxes Are The Future Of Cooking


You’ve been there: dinner time is rapidly approaching and you have . . . nothing. You frantically search through cookbooks and recipe sites brainstorming what to make for dinner, make a mad dash to the grocery store scouring the aisles for the ingredients, after waiting in long checkout lines are forced to make small talk with the cashier, race home to unload your car, spread out the ingredients to dice, slice, measure and chop; creating a mess and a mountain of dishes all in hopes of a decent dinner (fingers crossed!).

Gone are the days of dinner-time disasters. Vero Pizza & Pasta meal delivery plans remove the guesswork and arrive in neatly-packaged boxes on your doorstep.

Leave Meal Planning and Prepping in the Past

Vero Meal Kits offer hassle-free dinners that come in Vero for 4, perfect to enjoy with family and friends, or Vero for 2, for couples and singles. Vero’s food subscription boxes mean that you’ll always have a fresh, delicious meal at your fingertips every month. Here’s just a few ways Vero’s meal delivery plans can make your life easier:

  • Meal planning – Save time searching for recipes and planning your meals. Plus, you’ll never have to worry how your recipe will turn out or if everyone will like it because Vero always provides delectable meals personally curated by award-winning chef and owner, Katie Collier.
  • Everything’s provided – Everything you need to create an amazing meal is provided in the neatly packaged, refrigerated box that arrives at your doorstep. Vero’s food boxes include fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create healthy meals.
  • Pre-measured ingredients – Pre-measured ingredients means time saved and fewer dirty dishes (Yay!).
  • Quick and easy recipes – Vero provides full-color, easy-to-follow recipe cards and access to instructional videos featuring Chef Collier, so even novice cooks can feel like pros in the kitchen. Each recipe can be prepared in under 30 minutes and features healthy ingredients.

Look Forward to Vero Food Subscription Boxes

Creating a feast together should be fun; not leave you feeling frazzled. Life is, at times, chaotic, but dinner doesn’t have to be. Signing up for Vero’s food subscription boxes will halt mealtime mayhem and make preparing dinner a breeze. Vero’s meal delivery plans include pizza, pasta, kids’, side and dessert kits. Need more convincing? Vero subscribers receive 50 percent off their first order plus free shipping.

Some things never go out of style. Enjoy time with your family and a beautiful meal by visiting to order your meal kit.