Savor the Holidays with These 3 Mouthwatering Recipes

holiday lasagna kit

The holidays are a time for togetherness, love, and laughter. It’s when we put aside the stress of everyday life and make the choice to slow down and enjoy the little things in life – wonderful friends and family and, of course, good food. This year, we invite you to make the holidays even more meaningful with our Holiday Lasagna Kit. Cook a simple yet luxurious meal alongside your family and friends, sit down at the table together, and really enjoy what’s on your plate.

Our special meal kit includes three incredible dishes: arugula dyed lasagna, blood orange salad, and tiramisu. Each harkens the holidays with seasonal produce and comfort food that is sure to delight every guest. Learn all about them below:

Arugula Dyed Lasagna: There’s nothing like sharing a delectable lasagna dish with your family on Christmas night. Chef Katie and her family made this a tradition during their time living in Italy, hand-making pasta at home while laughing and spending time with one another. In parts of Italy, baked pastas like lasagna are traditionally served at Christmas dinner. Vero’s arugula dyed lasagna features ground fiama sausage, another classic Christmas ingredient. This dish pairs béchamel and a meaty ragu, creating a meal that is ubiquitous in Bolognese cooking but adds a twist with arugula-dyed lasagna sheets, fresh arugula, and fresh basil as a garnish.

Blood Orange Salad: The combination of sweet blood oranges, salty calamata olives, and crisp fennel dressed with extra virgin olive oil and oregano can be found throughout southern Italy, particularly Sicily. Relish the flavors of the season with this unique and refreshing salad.

Tiramisu: The word “tiramisu” literally means “cheer me up” in Italian, which makes this the perfect dessert to spread holiday cheer with your friends and family. This delicious coffee-flavored Italian custard dessert originates from the town of Treviso in northern Italy in the region known as the Veneto. It includes ladyfingers dipped in coffee layered with mascarpone cheese custard and cocoa.

Chef Katie’s time living in Florence with her mother, Belinda, shaped her vision and helped make Vero into what it is today. As a family owned and operated business, we are passionate about uniting family together with good food. Vero’s purpose is to create warm memories between loved ones as they prepare and enjoy locally produced, authentic, and delicious meals together.

Gather those closest to you with our Holiday Lasagna Kit, and make memories that will last a lifetime. This special meal kit is only $65 and is available to our entire service area. You can order your kit starting December 1, and deliveries will be made from December 4 through January 3!