Kids’ Meal Kits Pizza Party Ideas

As a parent, just about every weekend involves attending at least one child birthday party. They typically involve masses of children running everywhere and screaming. Eventually all the parties begin to run together with only the guest of honor changing. When the time comes to throw the apple of your eye’s party, skip the overdone clown, bounce house and balloon animals birthday circuit. Throw a party that both kids and parents won’t soon forget: a Vero Kids’ Pizza Party!

It’s no secret kids love pizza. A make-your-own-pizza party is a fun and memorable change of pace from your average kid party. The kiddos will love the chance to show off their culinary skills while getting creative in the kitchen. Even the pickiest of party guests will love Vero’s kids’ meal kits because they’re in control!

Kids Meal Kit Parties: Entertaining and Educational

Let the kids take over the kitchen (with adult supervision, of course) and get creative with their cuisine! To really turn up their foodie flare, we recommend: 

  • Setting out plenty of different seasonings and toppings so the kids can truly make it their own.
  • Providing cute aprons and chef hats.
  • Encouraging the kids to create different pizza shapes or designs with the toppings./li>
  • Keeping some wet wipes readily available, just in case!

Vero’s kids’ meal kits can be as educational as they are fun! Turn mealtime into an interactive learning experience with the following tips:

  • Talk about your favorite foods.
  • Discuss the health benefits of the ingredients being used.
  • Learn about the origins of the different ingredients and locate them on a map.

Kids’ Food Subscription Boxes: A Never-Ending Party!

Keep the party going every month with a food subscription box for kids. Your kids, no matter how young or old, will continually look forward to the arrival of their delicious, Italian-inspired meal kits.

Make it a family, neighborhood kids or friends’ tradition to get together each month for a make-your-own-pizza party! Vero also offers kids’ pasta meal kits, too. Vero provides everything needed to make the pizzas and pastas; just set out some different pizza toppings. Everyone will love experimenting with different toppings and experiencing different flavors.

Throw an amazing kids’ pizza party by visiting to order your meal kit.