Romantic Dinner Ideas for Valentine’s Day










Love is in the air . . . and the aroma of an exquisite Italian dinner could be, as well, if you order a Vero meal kit to share with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

For all the Romeos and Juliets out there looking for romantic dinner ideas this Valentine’s Day--your search ends here! Vero has incredible Valentine’s Day dinner ideas that are completely approved by Cupid and will send him on his way. No more waiting hours to get in the most expensive, dimly-lit restaurant on the most romantic night of the year. If you haven’t noticed, nothing kills romance quite like waiting for a table amongst a crowd of strangers.

Create your Valentine’s day dinner where love grows: your home. Creating a special meal means so much more when you prepare it for your loved one or, even better, prepare it together! Crack open that expensive bottle of wine. Turn up the love songs. Dance together in the kitchen (not while holding any sharp objects, please!); because what’s more romantic than an intimate evening in the kitchen creating a beautiful Italian meal together?

Want to flex your cooking muscles and impress your date? Watch Chef Katie Collier’s easy-to-follow instructional videos before your date night. On Valentine’s evening, show off your cooking skills by whipping up the perfect Italian meal! Melt your loved one’s heart the same way you melted that brown butter for the fresh pasta!


Authentic Italian Meal Kits Make a Perfect Romantic Dinner

Vero’s custom meal kits, created from fresh, authentic Italian ingredients, will set the mood for romance. Make your romantic dinner yourself with a little help from Vero. We promise your date will appreciate the effort! Want an intimate experience? Make magic happen in your kitchen by creating the meal in the romantic setting of your own home. Set the ambiance with plenty of candlelight and fresh flowers.

Not a babysitter in sight? Have a family-friendly Valentine’s Day and get the kiddos involved with the dinner process. After all, V-day is all about love and who do you love more than your family? Vero’s meal kits are perfect for families. Spend a fun evening with your sweetheart and children, building memories and, keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme, make heart-shaped pizzas. Surprise your kids with our Kids’ Meal Kits for a special night at home.

Are you a “the-more-the-merrier” type? You can also choose to spread the love by throwing a V-day bash! Vero’s meal boxes provide fun entertainment and amazing, Italian food at parties. Spend precious time with all your faves, while preparing an exquisite meal.

Valentine’s Day in Italy

In Italy, Valentine’s Day, also known as La Festa Degli Innamorati  is a holiday just for lovers and sweethearts. The roots of Italy’s Valentine’s Day dates back to the Roman Empire in which the gods and goddesses were celebrated on the February 14. In Christian times, the date was assigned as the Feast Day of early Christian Martyr St. Valentine.

In its modern iteration Valentine’s Day was actually imported from America. Unlike the American counterpart, the Italian version is strictly reserved for adults—children do not celebrate by exchanging cards or candy.

In Italy, sweethearts exchange small gifts or flowers. They have also taken to attaching locks to bridges, Lucchetti del Amore, to signify their love. Despite police banning the activity, just like love, this tradition still prevails. Another Italian Valentine’s Day favorite is traveling to Verona. The city was home to Romeo and Juliet and has become a huge Valentine’s Day destination. Capitalizing on its history of star-crossed lovers, the city holds a four-day festival all centered around Italian Valentine’s Day traditions.


Create an Italian Tradition with Vero’s Meal Boxes

Create a new Italian tradition with your loved ones with Vero’s meal boxes. Cherish these special moments to create memories that will last forever. Order Vero’s meal boxes and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart, family or friends.