Purchase a Meal Kit on August 16 to Help the Sotos Syndrome Support Association!

What’s better than enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal? Enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal while helping others in need at the same time! Join us on Thursday, August 16 for our Giveback Thursday event and make a purchase to benefit Sotos Syndrome Support Association!

Each month, we choose a local nonprofit organization and support them by donating 100 percent of our net profits from all online purchases from the day. From 6 a.m. to midnight, profits from every sale, including all kits, products, and gift cards, will be donated to Sotos Syndrome Support Association.

Funds raised from this Giveback Thursday event will be used to defray costs for first-time conference attendees and to help pay the cost for experts to attend the family conference. This annual conference allows professionals and families to network and gain insight from experts in genetics, neurology, psychology, and education regarding the syndrome.

Founded in Missouri in 1990, the Sotos Syndrome Support Association works to provide a social support environment for professionals and families of individuals affected by Sotos syndrome so they may meet, exchange ideas, and help one another cope with the condition.

Sotos syndrome occurs in 1 out of approximately 14,000 births and is a genetic condition that causes physical overgrowth during the first few years of life. Those with the condition often have several health problems that require ongoing care, and there is currently no cure for this genetic disorder.

The Sotos Syndrome Support Association aims to educate and support families, especially those who are newly diagnosed and are not sure where to start. They also connect families with experts in the field at an early stage, which typically results in positive developmental outcomes and cutting-edge research and studies on Sotos Syndrome. Each year, they reach about 65 people with more support given through social media and their monthly newsletter.

Make a difference in someone else’s life and at the dinner table by purchasing a meal kit on August 16! Remember, the more you order, the more we can donate to this great cause!