Score Big! With Vero’s Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Start practicing your end zone victory dance because you’re about to make a touchdown and score big with Vero’s Super Bowl party food ideas! This is one football party your friends and family won’t soon forget, because Vero’s Super Bowl food ideas just scored a touchdown.

Oh, did J.T. headline the halftime show? Come Monday morning all your family and friends will be talking about is the amazing food served at your Super Bowl party. Intercept the tired and typical wings and nachos and surprise your guests with the unexpected and incredibly delicious Vero Super Bowl party food. Your guests will be talking about your Super Bowl party all year long.

Sack the restaurant delivery that’s always late or too busy to deliver. Even if the restaurant does deliver Super Bowl day, the food is often cold by the time it arrives. Don’t fret, football fans: Vero’s Super Bowl party food ideas will save the day!


Vero’s Pasta and Pizza Meal Kit Ideas for an Amazing Football Party

Vero’s pasta and pizza meal kits will make a winning field goal with your family and friends. Be the host with the most by inviting everyone to your game day pre-party. Super Bowl kickoff doesn’t start until later in the day so why not get the party started early? Have a pizza making party first and then enjoy the delicious pizza and/or pasta, before the game starts. Start a fun, new game day tradition spending memorable time together with your family and friends.

When hosting a party, we know things can get a little crazy before kickoff. Don’t fumble when serving your food. Create the artisan pizzas ahead of time and stick them in your refrigerator. Once guests start arriving all you have to do is pop the pizzas in the oven and enjoy your company (and the Super Bowl game, of course!).

Vero’s pasta and pizza meal kits are made with real, authentic Italian ingredients. Each meal kit is created by award-winning Italian Chef Katie Collier. Vero uses only the finest, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The food boxes feature delectable ingredients not always readily available in local grocery stores. Plus, we offer total customization from the items selected to the frequency they’re delivered.


Vero’s Pizza Food Box Kits are Fun for Kids

Kids love fun and games. What’s more fun than having them create their very own culinary masterpiece on game day? Vero’s pizza food box kits will keep the kiddos entertained during your Super Bowl party. Help them get creative and shape their pizzas into footballs. They’ll have a blast! Order kids meal kits for the classic kids favorites.


Order in Time for Vero’s Meal Kit Delivery

Put your party in the red zone! Be the go-to home for the best Super Bowl party on your block! Just be careful---you might get asked to host every party thanks to your savory Super Bowl food!

Make sure you put your order in on time for Vero’s meal kit delivery—and don’t forget about the kids’ meal kits! Order your meal kits early so it’s one less thing to cross off your pre-gaming party-planning list!