Vero’s Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner In A Box A Complete Food Bundle Kit

Envisioning Thanksgiving Day you undoubtedly picture a magnificent feast laid out on a beautifully set dining table. Your family and friends “oohing and aahing” over the masterpiece of a meal you’ve just spent all day preparing. Never mind the hours you spent searching online for the perfect turkey recipe and accompanying sides (that don’t involve French onions!). The harrowing trip to the grocery store desperately searching almost-bare shelves and waiting in painfully long checkout lines only to get home and realize you forgot an ingredient.

Great news! You can still have the fresh, gourmet Thanksgiving dinner, but skip the mind-numbing recipe hunt and the crowded chaos at the grocery stores this holiday season. Vero’s Turkey Dinner Kit removes all the guesswork and stress from hosting and preparing your scrumptious Thanksgiving meal.

Vero’s Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner In A Box Complete Food Bundle Kit

Easy and delicious. It sounds like an oxymoron, especially when referring to preparing Thanksgiving dinner, but Vero’s Turkey Dinner Kit makes it possible. The turkey kit, created by famous Chef Katie Collier, includes a 12-14 lb. turkey, shallot gravy and four classic sides with delicious twists and step-by-step recipe cards. The box arrives at your doorstep filled with real, fresh ingredients—nothing canned or processed like some of the other meal kits on the market.

Your package will arrive with everything you need to make a fantastic, gourmet Thanksgiving dinner your family and friends (and you!) deserve. The kit, which serves eight to ten people, is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle that just don’t have the time to fight the crowds at the grocery stores, but still want fresh, wholesome, high quality ingredients. The meal comes with our easy-to-follow, full-color recipe cards.

Already bought a turkey to feed the masses but still clueless for sides? We’ve got you covered! We also have a “Just the Sides” option, which comes with four delectable, easy-to-prepare sides to accompany your turkey.

Vero’s Turkey Dinner Kit Contains Wholesome, Fresh Ingredients

To create an amazing meal you must start with excellent, fresh ingredients. Vero’s turkey dinner kit contains everything (seriously, everything) you need to make a gourmet dinner. Here’s what’s included with the Turkey Dinner Kit:

  • Turkey – Not just any turkey; a 12-14 lb., non-GMO, fresh butchered, natural, cage-free turkey. The turkeys come from Double Star Farms, a small family farm nestled in Southern Illinois that prides themselves on premium quality standards and delivering “fresh goodness to your kitchen.”
  • Turkey Dressings – We send you the fresh ingredients to whip up Chef Katie Collier’s best recipe.
  • Shallot Gravy – We’ll walk you through making this deliciously rich gravy to accompany your turkey.
  • Apple, Fig, Fennel, Sage & Walnut Ciabatta Stuffing – Once you try our recipe for stuffing you’ll never go back to traditional stuffing. The tart apples, sweet figs, bite of the fennel, fragrant sage, and savory walnut combine to provide complex flavor to the delicious ciabatta stuffing. It’s definitely a game changer.
  • Balsamic & Rosemary Carrots & Parsnips – This classic side is elegant, yet simple. The velvety balsamic adds a sweet, yet tart flavor to the carrots and parsnips.
  • Brussels Sprouts Agro Dolce + Pancetta & Currants – The tartness of the currants and the saltiness of the pancetta complement the flavor of the roasted Brussels sprouts.
  • Lemon Mascarpone Mashed Potatoes – The mascarpone provides a rich, buttery flavor that pairs well with the citrus of the lemon making these the only mashed potatoes you’ll ever want.
  • Easy to follow recipe cards for each recipe – Preparing an entire Thanksgiving dinner can seem overwhelming, but our recipe cards come with step-by-step, full-color pics to walk you through the entire cooking process.

Order Your Vero Thanksgiving Turkey Box

You can be thankful for the Vero Gourmet Turkey Dinner Kit this Thanksgiving. Your family and friends will be so impressed they’ll be begging for your recipes. If there’s someone special missing from your dining table this year, you can send them a meal kit to let them know they are missed, but not missing out on the amazing dinner. Order your Vero Thanksgiving turkey box today to create a gourmet turkey dinner complete with mouthwatering sides.