Unique Girls Night Dinner With Meal Kit Delivery

Cyndi Lauper said it best, girls really do “just wanna have fun!” What’s better than assembling your gal pals for a relaxed evening filled with laughter around an incredible meal? Skip the sky-high heels and loud, noisy restaurants or bars to enjoy a fun, laid-back girls’ night in!

Vero’s Pizza & Pasta meal kit delivery offers fantastic artisan Italian meals that are guaranteed to impress! Invite your faves to dress comfortably and come hungry. Gathered in the kitchen you’ll be able to dish with your friends while creating amazing Italian dishes together. Vero’s healthy food delivery will make hosting girls’ night dinner a breeze.

Girls’ Night Is Easy with Vero’s Meal Kit Delivery

Your girls’ night out doesn’t have to be reminiscent of Mila Kunis’ and Kristen Bell’s characters in “Moms’ Night Out.” All you have to do is order a delicious meal kit online and grab it from your doorstep once it arrives. The healthy food kit delivery comes with fresh, pre-measured ingredients and an easy-to-follow recipe card. Girls’ night can be that easy! Gather your girls, your comfiest sweats and your Vero meal kit for a wonderful night in. You’ll have fun creating a beautiful meal while enjoying each other’s company.

Keep the fun going with a monthly subscription box! Life is busy and it can be hard to find the time to see your girlfriends as often as you’d like when juggling work and/or kids. Why not commit to a regularly scheduled girls’ night every month with Vero’s monthly subscription boxes for women? Vero’s meal kit delivery is perfect for making sure you and your friends get together at least once a month. Everyone can chip in for the subscription and take turns hosting.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (and Delicious Food!)

Obviously being surrounded by your girlfriends is the main ingredient for a fabulous girls’ night. However, you can make it more entertaining by introducing a unique aspect to your evening. Below are some ideas to up the fun factor with friends:

  • Wine Tasting – The hostess can provide the different wine pairings suggested on the Vero recipe cards to accompany each dish. Another idea is to have everyone bring their favorite bottle of wine to share with the group. Just make sure to have plenty of wine glass charms on hand!
  • Different Desserts – You can order Vero’s delicious tiramisu dessert or have each friend bring a decadent dessert they concocted themselves. If you’re a competitive bunch, you can vote for your favorite!
  • Games – It’s all fun and games until . . . nope, it’s actually just all fun and games! After enjoying your delicious meal, break out some games to continue the fun and laughter!

Throw an epic girls’ night by visiting https://www.veropizzaandpasta.com/ to order your meal kit. Vero offers a tasty alternative for healthy food delivery and monthly food subscription boxes for women.