Your Burning Vero Meal Kit Questions Answered!

Frequently Asked Questions about Vero Meal Kits

You’ve finally come to that dreaded fork in the road that seemingly every adult reaches at one point or another. You’re feeling uninspired in the kitchen, but you’re too tired to choose yet another restaurant to visit after a hard day at work. You become so indecisive that you either eat a PB & J for the thousandth time or grab something from whichever fast food joint is, well, the fastest.

You don’t have to live like this anymore. Just order a Vero Meal Kit to enjoy a delicious homemade meal with the ones you love the most, all in the comfort of your own home!

Satisfy your curiosity (and your appetite soon after) by reading our most frequently asked questions:

What is Vero?

We are a pasta and pizza meal kit company that uses authentic ingredients to help you make inventive, traditional meals at home. Our kits allow award-winning Chef Katie Collier to bring her delicious dishes from her restaurant, Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria, straight to your doorstep for you to prepare. Each kit contains all the ingredients you’ll need to make the meal you order.

Of course, Vero is more than just a meal kit. We deliver a market fresh experience right to your door. Filled with raw ingredients and helpful recipe cards, our kits will help you create memorable moments with your family and friends while you prepare a small dinner or a full family meal.

Sounds great! How do I order a meal kit?

We have a few different kits for you to choose from, including our classics, which feature fresh pizza dough or pasta, weekly kits, and fun kits for kids. Visit our meal kit page, select between a meal for 2 or a meal for 4, tack on any add-ons you may like, and order!

Can I customize my kit?

You can build your own meal kit to create a delicious meal made just the way you and your loved ones like it. Bear in mind that you can’t change the ingredients within a kit. We want you to get the full taste of Italy in each of our kits, no matter what you choose to put together!

Can I order just one time?

Definitely! Please note, however, that one-time purchases are subjected to a discounted shipping rate of $6.50 per kit.

How do subscriptions work?

If you’d like to make Vero Meal Kits a more regular part of your life, create your very own subscription! Select how frequently you’d like your kits to be delivered, which day of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday) you’d like them to show up at your doorstep, and whether you’d like a meal for 2 or 4.

Next comes the fun part – selecting your kit! Keep in mind that whichever kit you choose will be what you receive every time, so if you’d like to branch out and enjoy more of what we have to offer, you will need to change your order. You can also order the biweekly recipes! Just remember that if you order one to be delivered after the date listed on, you will receive the next cycle of recipes.

Oh, and if this is your first time ordering, you can enjoy 25% off your first order AND free shipping!

Where do you deliver?

Currently, our outreach extends from Denver to New York City and from Minneapolis to Atlanta.

Do you have gift cards?

Of course! Shopping for the ones you care about most can be hard. Give them the gift of their very own Vero Meal Kit! Our gift cards are delivered via email and contain instructions for the lucky recipient to redeem their kit at checkout.

Let Vero Meal Kits make boring, uninspiring meals a thing of the past! Check out our recipe cards and watch our videos at while you peruse our selection and prepare for an unforgettable dinner!