Cherry Blossom Pizza

This pizza combines the saltiness of prosciutto and creamy goat cheese with the sweetness of summer cherries. It is drizzled with vincotto which is a dark red wine reduction with a sweet taste. It is traditionally produced in the countryside of Northern Italy.


  • pizza dough balls
  • flour
  • olive oil
  • goat cheese
  • pproscuttio
  • bing cherries
  • vincotto
  • blossoms


  • cutting board or pizza peel
  • pizza stone or cookie sheet
  • spoon
  • chef's knife



STEP 1: Pre-heat oven to 500 degrees with pizza stone or cookie sheet inside oven for optimal crispness. Pre-heat for at least 30 minutes before baking. If you are nervous to slide your pizza into the oven onto the stone/cookie sheet, then pre-heat the oven without your cookie sheet/pizza stone inside the oven so you can prepare your pizza on top without the advanced sliding technique.

STEP 2: Remove stem and pits from cherries.

STEP 3: Take Pizza Dough out of refrigerator and let sit 10-15 min before stretching. Do not handle dough until you have read the dough stretching instruction card. If you over handle or ball up your dough, it won't stretch properly.

STEP 4: If you ordered Vero for 4 you will assemble your pizzas one at a time on your floured cutting board or pizza peel. If you received a Vero for 4 size kit, please make sure you save½ of your toppings for your second pizza. Place first hand stretched pizza dough on floured cutting board. Pour a half ounce of oil in the center of the crust. Using a pastry brush or the back of a spoon spread the oil over the dough with your border a ½" crust. Don't get any oil on your board or your pizza will stick when sliding into the oven.

STEP 5: Distribute goat cheese evenly onto dough in small dollops. Arrange sliced prosciutto onto the dough evenly. Place the cherries onto dough. Slide topped pizza from your cutting board or pizza peel onto your first pizza stone or cookie sheet. Technique: Hold your peel or cutting board near your pizza stone at a slight angle. Using your wrists shake the board back and forth until it's loose enough to slide onto your pre-heated stone.

STEP 6: If you have a Vero for 4 kit, assemble second pizza and repeat. Your first pizza will be done a few minutes before your second pizza. Cook pizza 8-12 minutes or until desired crispness and golden brown. Let pizza cool 2-4 minutes. Slice pizza into desired amount of slices. Garnish with blossoms and use a spoon to drizzle with vincotto reduction. Enjoy your pizza!


Cinque Terre DOC is a crisp white wine grown on the hilly slopes of the Ligurian coast of the Italian Riviera.


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