Need more in your meal kit?  We thought so.  Check out the following add-ons to complete a Featured Kit or Create Your Own Kit!

Salads, sides, and desserts - these additional recipes will round out any meal. Each meal kit add-on serves 2-4.

This Week's Pizza for 4

This Week's Pizza

Fresno Chili & Pancetta Pizza

This Week's Pasta for 4

This Week's Pasta

Shishito Pepper & Chicken Spaghetti

This Week's Salad for 4

This Week's Salad

Blood Orange Salad

Artichoke Salad for 4

Artichoke Salad

Eggplant Parmigiana for 4

Eggplant Parmigiana

Margherita Pizza for 4

Margherita Pizza

Mista Salad for 4

Mista Salad

Fiori Arrabbiata for 4

Fiori Arrabbiata

Kids' Cheese Pizza for 4

Kids' Cheese Pizza for 4

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Kids' Mac n' Cheese for 4

Kids' Mac n' Cheese

Kids' Fruit Salad for 4

Kids' Fruit Salad

Tiramisu for 4

Tiramisu for 4

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