1. How do I buy multiple kits with different mailing addresses?

To order one-time-purchases or subscriptions for multiple mailing addresses, you must complete each order separately. That means checking out through the cart for each address.

2. What if my box never arrives?

Please email us at customerservice@veropizzaandpasta.com and we will remedy your situation asap!

3. What if my kit is missing ingredients?

Please email us at customerservice@veropizzaandpasta.com so we can get it solved right away.

4. I’m allergic to nuts, can I order a Vero kit?

While only some recipes contain nuts, we regularly handle nuts at our facility, so order at your own discretion.

5. Do I need a pizza steel to cook my pizza?

You can use a cooking sheet or pizza to make a great pizza, but we highly recommend using a pizza steel for making a truly exceptional pizza!

6. Where do you deliver?

You'll be asked to enter your zip code before you can add an item to the cart to see if you're in our delivery area. We're working on expanding our delivery nationwide. We'll let you know as soon as we roll it out.

7. When will my food arrive?

Your food will arrive by 8pm on the day you have chosen for delivery.

8. How fresh are the ingredients?

All our ingredients come straight from the farm, and our boxes are fill just prior to delivery. Our specially designed, refrigerated boxes keep your food cold for the whole journey. Upon delivery, refrigerate immediately for maximum freshness.